Frequently Asked Questions

How long can students stay at Middle Tree?

Every hour that we are open!

Do we need to make an appointment?

For 1:1 tutoring, we ask for 48 hour notice. For Unlimited, no appointment is needed.

What are Middle Tree's hours during the school year?

Monday - Thursday 2:30 - 8:30pm, with an early 1:30pm start on Wednesday; Friday, Saturday & Sunday from 10:00am - 4:00pm (by appointment only).

What are Middle Tree's hours during the Summer?

Monday- Friday 7am - 6pm ; Saturday & Sunday 10am - 6pm.

As a nonprofit, where does Middle Tree get it's funding?

Almost entirely from our member pledges; that’s why it’s so important that the commitment you make is one you keep. After all, when you become a member you are not only supporting yourself or your student, you’re supporting a community of students in an education program unlike any ever attempted, and we think that’s something important enough to keep going.

Who works at Middle Tree?

A combination of actual professors and certified teachers supervise an education team compromised of people involved in education in one way or another.

When are pledges due?

Pledges are due on the same day, every month. This day depends on the date of enrollment.

Where do my pledges go?

To help pay for overhead, including our space, staff, and teachers. It also goes into supporting the various other charitable efforts Middle Tree partakes in. One of which is our student scholarship program.

How do I apply for a scholarship?

We have an application for our Educate Equally Initiative Scholarship. The link for this scholarship can be found in the footer of this page under "Apply for our Scholarship."

Can students bring food?

Yes. Students can bring whatever they like. We simply ask people to be aware of possible allergies other students may have and for students to clean up after themselves.

How can I contact Middle Tree about my student?

We like to speak with parents as often as we can. You can always call our general line at 1-866-212-0210 and speak to one of our Directors. You can also email education@middletree.org.

Do Pledges Pause for the Summer?

No - pledges are only paused when requested.

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